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Horses can read human emotions

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For the first time horses have been shown to be able to distinguish between angry and happy human facial expressions.

Keeping Your New Hardwood Floor Beautiful

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How do you keep that new hardwood floor clean and shiny, now that its taken its place in your home or office? If its and engineered laminate floor, or true hardwood, snap together installation, the methods are about the same. Remember, large amounts of water can cause more damage than any other product you may use to keep your floors clean. The installation is a lifetime investment, so treat it as such.

Be sure to use runners and mats in high traffic areas. This will prevent scratches and ground in dirt from damaging your surfaces. Be sure to sweep and mop the areas around these runners and mats as well. Only use minimally damp mops and rags on your entire floor. You can use your vacuum cleaner on the floor too. Make sure it has plastic wheels that are clean before you roll it onto your new floor. It’s a fantastic way to get ALL the dirt and dust up from a floor before its damp mopped.

Do not use oil based cleaners on your new floor. They will only catch dirt and cause an oily film to appear on your floors. Remember that most hardwood floors are finished at the factory with polyurethane or some type of urethane. Many hardwood floor suppliers can suggest what types of cleaners to use for your particular brand of floor. Try to use a manufacturer recommended cleaner if possible. Even places like Home Depot, who sell engineered flooring themselves, can suggest and supply these types of cleaners. You can try your Supermarket as well.

And, last, but not least, of all the cleaners that are specifically available for your floor, a good old standby, that works every time, and is very cost effective is, a capful of vinegar in your pail of cleaning water. It is non-toxic, and does not leave streaks when dry and does a great job of cleaning as well.

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